Hello! I'm Nick, alias Proxima64; a 22-year-old independent artist and musician with a passion for computers and technology, electronics, synthesizers, anime and the like, operating systems, retro video games, and linear video editing equipment, as well as anything that pertains to metaphysics and philosophy.

I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember, initially tinkering with various x86 systems and eventually becoming interested in high end DOS/Windows NT and RISC Unix workstations (Such as those from Silicon Graphics, Intergraph, Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corporation), PowerPC Macs, and Japanese computers such as the NEC PC-9800 series, Sharp X68000, and FM TOWNS. I am by no means a software engineer although I have rudimentary knowledge of various languages such as C and a couple flavors of ASM, and programming is something I am actively trying to become more proficient with.

I am relatively introverted and far more timid IRL than I am online, but I do enjoy making friends provided everything "clicks".

Music and Art

I began piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued until age 9, at which I subsequently began exploring and fortifying my ability to compose
in addition to developing a strong interest in synthesizers (Which I own a pretty sizeable arsenal of), which is what led me to where I am currently in regards to music. I also make chiptunes from time to time; either NES stuff or FM synthesis (Primarily YM2612). I also play guitar to some extent.

In regards to art, I suppose I enjoy doodling whatever comes to mind, and it's mostly something I do for fun. As well as drawing, I also enjoy doing 3D renders, motion graphics, and graphic design on occasion.
I primarily derive inspiration from a variety of sources including various retro console games, industrial design, demo reels and logos, and old PC games. I am by no means the greatest artist in the world or anywhere near (My main selling point is music), but it is delightful to know that the things I draw are enjoyed. I draw and animate with a mouse, but I also use a tablet on rare occasions.
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